Sophisticated Rename


Modify the names and attributes of many files at once


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Sophisticated Rename is a comprehensive application designed for the mass renaming of files. With Sophisticated Rename, you can perform this intensive task in just a few seconds.

Sophisticated Rename has multiple options for renaming files, like replacing certain text strings, adding numerical sequences, using file attributes to complete names, etc.

One of the best features is that, in addition to working locally, Sophisticated Rename also lets you work with groups of files hosted on an FTP server. This way, you can modify them after they're uploaded instead of modifying them one by one before uploading.

Using Sophisticated Rename can be as simple or complex as you want. The basic application is easy to use, but it also has some additional features that are a bit more complicated. To make it easier, Sophisticated Rename lets you preview the changes to the files, helping you make better decisions more quickly.

The trial version is valid for 30 days or 30 sessions.

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